Preventative measures matter. Knowing how to treat scoliosis with non-surgical methods is essential to the quality of life of patients with the condition. Surgery is invasive and doesn’t always provide expected results. Check out what to do before considering surgery for scoliosis.


Observation is the most common treatment for scoliosis. Even patients who require more intensive treatment will still need regular x-rays so that doctors can monitor the progression of the curve. Depending on how fast a patient is developing, you may need to take x-rays every few months.

Physical Therapy

Traditional physical therapy may help those with scoliosis who are experiencing co-occurring problems, such as pain. This treatment helps improve flexibility and muscle stability. Some therapists perform hands-on treatment to help alleviate pain.

The Schroth Method

The only type of physical therapy that has shown results in straightening the spine is the Schroth Method. Patients use a series of breathing, stretching, and strengthening exercises that are customized to their needs. The therapy is often combined with other treatments, such as bracing.


Bracing is a common treatment for severe cases of scoliosis. Nearly all scoliosis brace types are customized to the patient. While there are many different types of braces, specialists can recommend the right one for a patient. Some are only designed for night bracing, while other day braces are more rigid.

Note: Some patients wear a brace up to 23 hours per day, while others only brace at night. Doctors recommend how often and when to wear a brace.

Mehta Casting

Mehta casting is like a bracing treatment for babies and toddlers with scoliosis. It is a cast applied to the body in such a way that supports a healthy spine. You must change the cast every two to three months, and some patients may need multiple casts before they can support their spines.

Many ways to treat scoliosis with non-surgical methods exist. From observation and physical therapy to bracing, there are multiple ways to try to correct spinal curvature before going under the knife. Contact Green Sun Medical to learn about the Whisper Brace and how it can effectively help patients.