A revolution in bracing technology — corrective forces meet breathability, flexibility, and comfort!

Non-Surgical Scoliosis Braces for Children

The team at Green Sun Medical has interviewed patients, parents, orthotists, surgeons and scoliosis research experts to determine the critical factors that will make a successful scoliosis brace for adolescents.

In an ideal world, a better brace would…

  • allow flexibility so that the patients could move and function like normal teenagers.
  • allow adolescents to eat and breathe normally. 
  • keep body temperatures cooler than a rigid brace.
  • make it easy to adjust the pressure and accommodate growth.

There’s finally a cool brace that lets adolescents move!

The Whisper Brace is custom made for each patient from standard modular parts.

Modular components can be replaced to accommodate the growth of adolescents.

An orthotist can make adjustments to the pressure during follow-up visits to ensure that the brace is providing the optimal corrective force on the spine.


The Whisper Brace Sensor Intelligence Platform tracks progress and compliance, motivating teens and giving your physician updates for regular and effective adjustments.

The Whisper Brace applies pressure to correct the curve and derotate the spine. This is accomplished with multiple rings around the patient’s torso.

Green Sun Medical has received over $1,200,000 from the National Science Foundation to improve the Whisper Brace Sensor Intelligence Platform.

“The Green Sun team is very grateful for the time and effort that so many have given to help make a better treatment solution, especially the young ladies who have worn the Whisper Brace.”