Scoliosis Stories

Part of Green Sun’s ongoing mission is to empower and bring together scoliosis warriors from all over the world. To facilitate sharing and normalize patient’s scoliosis stories, we started a social media campaign asking patients and parents to share stories of their scoliosis journeys. The response has been overwhelming. 


Fighting Scoliosis

Once the weather got warmer I started wearing my brace over my clothes instead of hiding it. I was asked a lot of questions but no one ever said anything mean. I began looking at it as a clothing accessory rather than a medical device, that was when wearing it became a normal for me that I no longer worried about. I practiced the Ugly Duckling musical in my brace sometimes. I can dance and sing in my brace, so I did! I went to my 8th-grade graduation in my brace and began summer break. 

A couple of weeks after summer break started I went in for my first out-of-brace X-ray, I was very nervous because if it got any worse then I would need to get surgery. When we got the news that my curve was now 32-35 degrees we were so excited. I was just expecting the brace to keep my curve stable but instead, it decreased by 3 and 13 degrees. This was wonderful. At that time I was at Risser 3 so I still had growing to do. We made another appointment in 4 months to see how anything changed.


Fighting Scoliosis

At age 14, I was fitted with a full Milwaukee Back Brace for a serious case of scoliosis. Two months after getting my dental orthodontia (worn for 4.5 years) off, I was placed in a back brace for the next 2.5 years. I was confined to the brace through my whole adolescence, wearing it 23 hours a day. The purpose was to put pressure on the curves in my spine to straighten—or at least to prevent from getting worse—my lateral curvature.

As you can imagine, for a young girl, this was pretty tough. I was bullied and made fun of. But in my normal style, I did my best and kept those rose-colored glasses on. I knew wearing the brace was what was best for me, so I did as I was instructed all those years ago.

My scoliosis brace didn’t stop me from doing anything I wanted to do or go anywhere I wanted to go. I lived my life as freely as any other teenager. I went to dances, school sporting events, amusement parks, and even learned how to drive while wearing my brace. To this day, I’m a firm believer in the adage, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”


Fighting Scoliosis

The Green Sun Medical Whisper Brace has been a game changer in my life! I wear the brace every day and even sleep in it. It’s so much more comfortable than the Boston Brace.

Since wearing the Green Sun Brace I’m getting better correction, I’m finally getting taller, I have an appetite, it’s less noticeable, I can get on and off the floor without looking like a turtle on its back, and I went from only doing 2-3 back handsprings at a time to doing them all across the gym floor!

I’m now doing roundoff back-handspring back -tucks and working on layouts. My toe touches are the best they have ever been, and I made the top competitive cheer team at the gym I go to! All with no pain in my back or shoulder!

Thank you, Green Sun Medical for letting me be a part of this research and my Whisper Brace!


Scoliosis Advocate for Life

I was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 11. My scoliosis progressed quickly and I wore a brace for two years. I ended up needing surgery and now rock the two 18 inch steel rods and 17 screws that’s hold my spine straight!

Since my surgery I have been passionate about giving back to the scoliosis community and helping others who struggle with this condition. I also love to travel, swim and spend time with my family.


Fighting Scoliosis

My eleven year old, Aly, has been fighting scoliosis for four years. She does her physical therapy twice a day, takes her supplements, and wears her hard brace at night. She has other health issues that go along with it. It’s definitely been a hard ride for both of us and we are only stronger because of it. She is such an outgoing, full of life child who will move mountains!


Fighting Scoliosis

This is our 11-year-old daughter Ashlyn who is 8 months into bracing. This was her first out of brace X-ray last week – she is a hockey player and our amazing neighbor made her this perfect hockey girl, scoliosis journey shirt!! This has been hard but we will keep pushing!!


Fighting Scoliosis

I’ve had 4 surgeries to fix my spinal issues due to scoliosis. I haven’t let anything hold me back! I was a vet tech for 17 years and now I’m a dog groomer. I love working with animals, and I may be a tad slower than others but I’m still doing what I love.


Fighting Scoliosis

I had my first surgery at the age of 15 months old. This picture was taken in the summer of 1987 when I had two scoliosis surgeries 8 days apart. I was 10 years old. Nine days before my 12th birthday, I had another surgery where I had my Harrington rods put in. I then had scoliosis surgeries at the ages of 25, 36, and 38. I’m now 43 years old. I was my doctor’s youngest patient that he did scoliosis surgery on.