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The Anatomy of Scoliosis

What’s the difference between a C curve and an S curve? What does a T3-T11 10 degree curve mean? Do bones change shape? Do you need to know this stuff?

Understanding is a powerful tool towards empowering you, speaking with doctors, understanding your treatment, and taking action!

Get Ahead of
the Curve

Will you need a brace? Should you wait or take action now? What about surgery? Your doctor is your first line of direction, but knowing what is indicated by a curve degree diagnosis is a great way to get your footing and see the big picture.

The term “Continuum of Care” is often used to frame discussions of treatment options and what actions you might take. Learn more about it here. 

Spotlight Topics

Spotlight Topics

Princess Eugenie is proud of her scoliosis scar, and she’s inspiring others to feel the same. The royal used her Instagram stories to post a close-up picture of her back scar. Read about how her followers followed her lead. 

Scoliosis Stories

Scoliosis Stories

One way to stay motivated is to know you are not alone, not the only one going through this, and no physical condition can define who you are. Comfort through shared experience is a powerful thing. Click below for stories that will inspire through honesty.


Scoliosis Advocate for Life

I was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 11. My scoliosis progressed quickly and I wore a brace for two years. I ended up needing surgery and now rock the two 18 inch steel rods and 17 screws that’s hold my spine straight!

Since my surgery I have been passionate about giving back to the scoliosis community and helping others who struggle with this condition. I also love to travel, swim and spend time with my family.


Fighting Scoliosis

My eleven year old, Aly, has been fighting scoliosis for four years. She does her physical therapy twice a day, her supplements, and wears her hard brace at night. She has other health issues that go along with it. It’s definitely been a hard ride for both of us and we are only stronger because of it. She is such an outgoing, full of life child who will move mountains!


Fighting Scoliosis

This is our daughter Ashlyn who is 11-8 months into bracing - this was her first out of brace X-ray last week - she is a hockey player and our amazing neighbor made her this perfect Hockey girl, scoliosis journey shirt!! This has been hard but we will keep pushing!!


Fighting Scoliosis

I was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 11. I wore a Boston Brace for 3 years, and then wore a Spine Cor brace for 2 years. My curves were 54° and 63°. I had a spinal fusion at age 16 in Ontario, Canada. Although it was really hard for a while after my surgery, it was totally worth it!


Fighting Scoliosis

This is my 5 year old daughter whose curve was at 100 degrees when we had our first halo. Since August 2018 she has had two halo traction treatments for 6 weeks a piece in the hospital and 6 spinal rod surgeries.


Fighting Scoliosis

I was diagnosed with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis when I was 12 without even an X-ray, fast forward 7 months and I had a spinal fusion at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, having convinced myself I was going to die. I now have 2 rods, 2 hooks and 12 screws and I’m fused T3-L2. Four years post op now and I’m in chronic pain with my back as well now (already in chronic pain with legs since the age of 7), and I’m awaiting an appointment with the specialist with the possibility that there is a problem with one of the screws or hooks. I don’t feel my journey is over but i use it to raise awareness and support others

Bracing for Scoliosis

Scoliosis braces are designed to stop the progression of your curve with the goal of preventing the need for surgery. There are many different approaches to bracing — traditional rigid braces, 3D printed for form and fit, and even flexible braces that allow movement while providing support and corrective forces. Discover options, insight and practices for your best bracing treatment.

Bracing Basics

Answers to FAQ’s, tips on consulting with your orthotist, advocating for your child, types of braces and therapies, all in one place.

Living Your Life in a Brace

Helpful information to make your journey with bracing as easy and effective as can be. Live your best, brace and all. 

A Dynamic Brace

The Whisper Brace by Green Sun Medical is a revolution in bracing — corrective forces meet breathable, flexible and comfortable.

Treatments and Therapies

Information on Physical Therapies, why Schroth, how and when it works, proactive core strength PT, chiropractic care, and dermatomes (how pain tells a story).

Green Sun Medical is on a Mission

Green Sun Medical’s vision is to provide a transformative and improved scoliosis treatment experience for children, creating a higher quality of life and better clinical outcomes. The need to improve significantly upon the current rigid plastic brace technology is being demanded by the world’s thought leaders in scoliosis treatment. Green Sun Medical is commercializing a simple, safe solution that can fundamentally impact the overall value of bracing treatment by aiming to improve clinical outcomes, decrease treatment costs and reduce the need for spinal fusion surgeries.