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Empowering kids & their scoliosis journey

The Anatomy of Scoliosis

What’s the difference between a C curve and an S curve? What does a T3-T11 10 degree curve mean? Do bones change shape? Do you need to know this stuff? Understanding is a powerful tool towards empowering you, speaking with doctors, understanding your treatment, and taking action!

Get Ahead of
the Curve

Will you need a brace? Should you wait or take action now? What about surgery or non-surgical scoliosis treatments? Your doctor is your first line of direction, but knowing what is indicated by a curve degree diagnosis is a great way to get your footing and see the big picture.

The term “Continuum of Care” is often used to frame discussions of treatment options and what actions you might take. Learn more about it here. 

Spotlight Topics

Spotlight Topics

Princess Eugenie is proud of her scoliosis scar, and she’s inspiring others to feel the same. The royal used her Instagram stories to post a close-up picture of her back scar. Read about how her followers followed her lead. 

Learn about the how the Whisper Brace was created.

The founders of Green Sun Medical, Matt Thompson and Jamie Haggard, were recently interviewed by Dr. Derek Lee.

Correcting Scoliosis with Surgery

In the News

Scoliosis Brace Innovation Can Spare Kids Pain

The back brace has barely advanced since the 1970s. My journey through the latest gear—and surgical options—showed me how far is left to go.

Bloomberg, May 20, 2022

Bracing for Scoliosis

Scoliosis braces are designed to stop the progression of your curve with the goal of preventing the need for surgery. There are many different approaches to scoliosis bracing for children — traditional rigid braces, 3D printed for form and fit, and even flexible braces that allow movement while providing support and corrective forces. Discover options, insight and practices for your best non-surgical scoliosis treatment.

What Does Bracing for Scoliosis Look Like?

Bracing Basics

Answers to FAQ’s, tips on consulting with your orthotist, advocating for your child, types of braces and therapies, all in one place.

Living Your Life in a Brace

Helpful information to make your journey with bracing as easy and effective as can be. Live your best, brace and all. 

A Dynamic Brace

The Whisper Brace by Green Sun Medical is a revolution in bracing — corrective forces meet breathability, flexibility and comfort.

Childhood Scoliosis Treatments and Therapies

Information on Physical Therapies, why Schroth, how and when it works, proactive core strength PT, chiropractic care, and dermatomes (how pain tells a story).

Green Sun Medical is on a Mission

Green Sun Medical’s vision is to provide a transformative and improved childhood scoliosis treatment experience, creating a higher quality of life and better clinical outcomes. The need to improve significantly upon the current rigid plastic brace technology is being demanded by the world’s thought leaders in non-surgical scoliosis treatment. Green Sun Medical is commercializing a simple, safe solution that can fundamentally impact the overall value of bracing treatment by aiming to improve clinical outcomes, decrease treatment costs and reduce the need for spinal fusion surgeries.