You want to help your child. Making decisions for them that may affect the rest of their life is difficult, especially when they have their own opinions. If your child has scoliosis and needs to start bracing, knowing how effective bracing is for childhood scoliosis may encourage them to stick with the program. Learn more about this treatment below.

What Is a Scoliosis Brace?

While there are many scoliosis brace options, most consist of stiff pieces of plastic that wrap around the waist and torso to keep the spine aligned. Some offer more or less flexibility, and some are designed for night use as opposed to day wear.

How Does a Brace Work?

The purpose of using a scoliosis brace is to apply pressure to the outside of the spine’s curve to allow the inner portion to develop correctly. Bracing is effective for children who are still growing since their spines can form with the device.

How Common Is Bracing?

Not everyone with scoliosis will need a brace. Most patients only require monitoring, which consists of regular doctor visits and x-rays. Children with moderate scoliosis may use a brace to prevent surgery.

How Long To Wear a Brace?

Treatment is individualized; the amount of time that each person wears a brace is based on their curve and growth stage. Most people who use a brace wear it between 12 and 20 hours per day, and it is best used during the most rapid periods of growth, such as early adolescence. Bracing is effective in about 75 percent of cases; other cases may require surgery.

How Does Bracing Fit Into Daily Life?

A scoliosis brace is worn beneath clothing and should be kept clean and dry. Wear a tight layer between your skin and the brace to prevent irritation. Patients who are active in sports may be able to remove their brace to play. Talk to a doctor about your options.

You can support your child through treatment by helping them understand how effective bracing is for childhood scoliosis. Though not everyone with scoliosis will need to brace, it is an effective treatment to prevent surgery for patients whose conditions are developing rapidly. If you’re wondering which brace is right for you, learn more about the Green Sun Medical Whisper Brace.