Many children living with scoliosis may always have a curve in their spines regardless of the treatment they use. Knowing whether a back brace can fix scoliosis in children may influence the treatment you seek for your child. Find out why doctors recommend bracing.

Who Should Use a Scoliosis Brace?

Doctors often recommend bracing for children whose spines curve past a certain degree or for patients whose conditions are at risk of advancing. Your healthcare professional will determine if a brace fits into your child’s lifestyle and predict how it may affect your child’s case. Though it may not completely fix a curve that’s already present, bracing may prevent the condition from worsening, especially in adolescents who are still developing.

Nonsurgical Treatment

Bracing is a noninvasive treatment that may prevent the need for surgery. While most patients with scoliosis only require monitoring—such as X-rays—bracing can prevent additional progression of the curve.

How Bracing Works

A scoliosis brace for a child applies pressure to the convex parts of the curve to mold the spine into a straighter form. Doctors prescribe braces based on a person’s lifestyle and the severity of their condition. For instance, some patients only brace at night while others brace for up to 23 hours per day.

Life in a Scoliosis Brace

Though a scoliosis brace may be uncomfortable at first, most people find ways to adjust so they can benefit from treatment without being in pain. Your child may want to hide their brace, so help them find clothing that fits while they’re wearing it. Loose-fitting shirts, jackets, and leggings are often best. If your child participates in sports or other physical activity, they may need to adjust how they move.

Pro Tip: Talk to your doctor about whether your child needs to wear their brace while playing sports. Many recommend removing the device during physical activity.

Many people with scoliosis live full lives. Whether or not a back brace can fix scoliosis in children, you should seek treatment for your child. Devices like the Whisper Brace can prevent the progression of the condition and help children maintain a straight spine. Contact Green Sun Medical to learn more about different bracing options.