We all did it in school. Though not all institutions test for scoliosis, you probably remember getting tested when you were eight or nine years old. The Adams Forward Bend Test is a simple scoliosis test for kids. Find out how it works and why people rely on it.

What Is the Adams Forward Bend?

The Adams Forward Bend is a simple and safe test for kids and adolescents that helps healthcare professionals detect scoliosis. Kids typically begin by standing up straight with arms at their sides before bending at the waist. They attempt to reach their toes, so their body forms a 90-degree angle. Some doctors use a scoliometer to find the exact angle of the spine. Most people’s spines have a slight rotation, but professionals use this test to search for severe irregularities.

Benefits of the Adams Forward Bend Test

Although the Adams Test isn’t a surefire way of detecting scoliosis, it’s a non-invasive way of monitoring for the condition. Diagnosing scoliosis requires imaging studies. The Adams Test is the preferred way for schools to check for signs of the condition and for doctors to look for symptoms before requesting imaging studies.

Detecting Scoliosis

Not everyone with scoliosis receives the same treatment. Some people may not receive a diagnosis until after adolescence. Early detection is important; childhood scoliosis treatment gives patients a better chance at recovery. The most effective treatment for patients whose spines are still developing is bracing.

Signs of Scoliosis

Though it often requires a trained eye to detect scoliosis, there are some signs anyone can notice. During the Adams Forward Bend Test, the shoulders, ribs, and hips of children with scoliosis may look asymmetrical. Some cases cause limping and an obvious spinal deformity. Children with a severe rotation in their spine may require monitoring or bracing.

Though the Adams Forward Bend Test is a simple scoliosis test for kids, it doesn’t detect the condition in everyone. See a doctor if you’re concerned that your child may have a spinal deformity. Only a medical professional can diagnose scoliosis, and early detection is key. Contact Green Sun Medical for more information about treatment for scoliosis and ways you can support your child.