The word “scoliosis” might be scary if your child has just received a diagnosis. You and your team of doctors want to do what is best for your child to ensure they get the best care possible. With so much information out there to research, how do you know what treatment options are best for you?

Bracing may be one possibility you consider. Scoliosis treatment technology has come a long way since traditional, rigid braces, and more flexible options like dynamic braces are becoming favorites among the community. If you’re wondering what is a dynamic scoliosis brace and how it helps patients, keep reading to learn more.

What Is a Dynamic Brace?

Besides surgery, bracing is the most common way to treat scoliosis. You have two options when it comes to bracing: rigid braces and dynamic braces. They both work to correct the curve by putting pressure on the spine.

Dynamic braces, however, are flexible and work with the patient’s motions to help support the spine. They do not restrict motion and allow patients to utilize their core muscles to move naturally. There are no restricitons with picking objects up off the ground, tying shoes, going to the bathroom, and more.

How Does Dynamic Bracing Help?

Now that we know what a dynamic scoliosis brace is, here is how it helps. While there isn’t much that can fully straighten the spine in someone with scoliosis, bracing can help prevent the curve from becoming worse. Dynamic braces manage spine curvature by slowing down curve progression while your child is still growing.

In addition to managing the condition, dynamic bracing keeps patients from needing surgery later in life. They also help prevent long-term problems caused by scoliosis, like:

  • A short stature
  • An abnormal posture
  • Decreased heart and lung functions

Dynamic braces are also more comfortable than a traditional rigid brace. Their design is more discreet, making them easier to wear under clothes. Because of their flexible nature, patients have a better range of motion in dynamic braces and feel less restricted.

Let Green Sun Medical Address All of Your Bracing Concerns

A dynamic brace is an excellent scoliosis brace for kids because of the comfort and adaptability they offer. Green Sun Medical is here to answer all of your questions about scoliosis. Contact us today to learn more about treatment options and how to provide the best care for your child.