Considering back surgery for you or a loved one is a major decision. Luckily, you aren’t alone when it comes to considering reasons why surgery can be a good solution for scoliosis. There are a number of reasons why a physician might tell you to start considering surgical fusion—such as chronic pain, increasing in severity. Also, your doctor may recommend surgery if previous treatments haven’t been successful in stopping the curve from getting worse. Find out if surgery is right for you.

Chronic Pain

Scoliosis may cause chronic pain. Surgery may be the best option if scoliosis results in postural collapse or pain that impedes daily activities. A chronic curvature of the spine, over time, can sometimes lead to degeneration, which is a reason why surgery can be a good solution for scoliosis. Spinal fusion surgery can often be the recommended treatment.

Prevent Progression of Curvature

There are many treatment options for scoliosis. When bracing isn’t effective in preventing the curvature of the spine from becoming more severe, surgeons may recommend surgery. Children who are rapidly developing may not benefit from physical therapy and bracing alone. There are many different surgical options to treat scoliosis. The type of surgery recommended varies based on a number of things, like the patient’s age, skeletal maturity, and severity of the curve(s). Ultimately, surgery is designed to straighten the spine for a permanent solution.

Scoliosis should not interfere with your daily life. Continuing to discuss the best treatment options and scoliosis correction surgery with your doctor is the best way to understand what’s best for your individual situation. Talking to a doctor sooner rather than later about your options for treatment may prevent the need for surgery in the first place.