Find out how many years you need to wear a scoliosis brace if your doctor recommends one. You may wear one for months or years depending on your condition.

Bracing prevents the progression of scoliosis in most cases where a brace can help. But how many years do you need to wear a scoliosis brace? The answer depends on your age and the degree of the curve in your spine. Uncover the benefits of bracing.

How Bracing Works

A scoliosis brace is a medical device worn beneath clothing. It applies pressure to specific parts of the spine to correct the curve. A doctor may prescribe a scoliosis brace if the curve is more than 20 degrees but less than 40 degrees.

When To Wear Your Scoliosis Brace

Early intervention and treatment of scoliosis is key to preventing its progression. If a scoliosis brace is needed, an individual will benefit from it most during early development and stages of rapid growth. For children, this is often during the ages of puberty, but may also occur during any growth spurt.

How Long To Wear Your Scoliosis Brace

The length of time a doctor recommends you wear your scoliosis brace mostly depends on your age. Children often stay in their braces for up to 23 hours per day, while adults looking to reduce scoliosis-related pain may wear the brace for four to six hours each day.

How Bracing Affects Daily Life Multiple scoliosis brace options exist, and each may alter your way of life differently. Some are more rigid while others allow for flexibility. Some of the newest bracing treatments are adjustable and allow patients to move around like anyone else.

The Whisper Brace comes with a mobile app to help patients track how often they are wearing the device. Further, it is breathable and unnoticeable beneath clothing. Regardless of how many years you need to wear a scoliosis brace, the Whisper Brace will provide continuous support throughout your treatment. Ask your healthcare professional about your options.