Bracing is a popular treatment for scoliosis designed to prevent surgery and improve the way of life for individuals struggling with this condition. Scoliosis occurs when there is an abnormal curve in the spine, which may limit a person’s quality of life. Most cases develop in early childhood and worsen through adolescence, which is why a scoliosis brace for kids is so important. It’s understandable that you’ll want to understand how bracing works. If you’ve been wondering, “What does bracing for scoliosis look like,” keep reading for answers.

How Does Scoliosis Bracing Work?

A scoliosis brace is designed to prevent further abnormal curvature of the spine. It puts pressure on specific areas of the spine to encourage growth in the right areas. The brace releases pressure on the concave portion of the spine and increases the load that the convex portion takes on in hopes that the bone experiencing compression will grow less, and the ones not being compressed will, in turn, grow more.

How Long To Wear Your Brace

A doctor will prescribe a medical brace and determine how long to wear it. Most people with moderate scoliosis typically wear it for 12 to 20 hours each day. Doctors typically only recommend night bracing for more severe cases. Still, the more an individual uses the brace, the more improvement they may see. Furthermore, bracing is important when the body is rapidly growing. The brace helps keep the spine aligned.

Effects of Bracing on Your Daily Life

Getting used to a scoliosis brace may take time. Individuals can wear a brace under their clothes to prevent anyone from seeing it, if they choose. It’s up to each person if they want to tell family or friends about bracing. Open communication may make it easier to live life freely.

Pro Tip: Those who play a sport, perform dance, or enjoy another physical activity should talk to their doctor. Removing the brace during practice may be an option.

Getting Fitted for Your Scoliosis Brace

Braces for scoliosis are custom-made. Individuals receive a 3D surface scan, in addition to an X-ray. These combined stats determine the design of the brace. The brace is designed to apply the right corrective pressure.

Multiple types of scoliosis braces are available. Find out what bracing for scoliosis looks like when you check out the Whisper Brace from Green Sun Medical. Designed to allow flexibility, the Whisper Brace is easy to adjust and is less rigid than typical braces. Ask your doctor about the Whisper Brace.